Justo + Synthia {Maternity}

I met Synthia when I started on what seems like a forever journey of getting my Masters degree, she is a sweet sole and a constant reminder of genuine kindness. Baby Justo is loved by so many and his parents and family can not wait for his arrival come early April. 


Marissa Simon Photography 

Rodriguez Family {Maternity}

I was sitting in class waiting for the professor to get there. It had been a crazy week and I really just wanted to go home. So I get this text from Shammah and it reads “I have to tell you something, but you can’t tell anyone!” My heart is racing, I’m freaking out a little–note to people. That’s probably not the best way to start a conversation, especially with a mom. It is a given that the worst comes to mind first. Just saying. Anywhoo. She goes on to say that “SHE IS PREGNANT” yup, I ugly cried in class & I didn’t care. You see the story behind this news is that they had been trying for sometime & while everyone and their mom was getting preganant around them, it just wasn’t happening. I learned my first lesson out of many from them. They kept faith, they kept God the center and continued to be humble in all circumstances. What a testimony it was to Clinton and I.

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4 

God always has perfect timing, his plan far exceeds any plan we may have. 

So with permission, I couldn’t help, but tell Clinton. We then planned a baby announcement session and bada boom bada bang..it was revealed. 

Fast forward a few weeks, & lets just say selfish Marissa was upset. My dear friends were moving and it wasn’t next door to us. Jose had taken a job in Colorado, yup out of Texas to be exact 17 hours 5 mins & boom in a blink of an eye they were gone. Okay not really, but really. So I got over myself and Clinton and I planned our vacation to Colorado instead of Michigan during spring break. It was such an amazing reunion 3 months is just way too long. I had the privilege once again to capture their love for one another, their love for their beautiful daughter and their growing baby girl in the womb. It was amazing. 

& I will just say..Shammah may or may not have been creeped out because I couldn’t help, but continuously tell her how gorgeous she was. She is stunning and that glow, just saying I didn’t have that glow with my own. Made me want to be pregnant, just like a half of a half a second. There is such a thing. I’m sure of it.







Ro + Amanda {Maternity}

There is much delight in knowing that God brought two people who love each other out of this world style and created the gift of life. That in itself is such a beautiful miracle.. and Oh do I do happy dances capturing all of the beautiful moments. Baby girl has two older brothers who love her and I know that they will be shining knights in protecting her and loving her. Ro & Amanda are seriously amazing parents and I am so excited to see the new journey that their family has welcoming Baby Garza!