Ren + Jessica

He loved her for everything she was and would be…

The day had finally arrived, the girl that God intended for him was sharing giggles and remembering cute memories with her bridesmaids in the other room. They had prepared for this day that would forever start a new journey of many new things for them. Ren & Jessica would share vows and commit to a lifetime of serving one another in love, hope, adventure, struggles and laughter.

And it rained and poured all day. What should have been an outside wedding was now an inside wedding and although it was not what was planned, they made the best of it and focused on what had brought this day together from the beginning. One another.

Their love story started off with the best of the best of intentions..friendship. They were the best of friends and that friendship sparked many new feelings that led to a hot air balloon ride, a hike around a valley with a huge desert below and Ren asking Jessica to be his forever bride.

R+J (1)

R+J (2)

Cheers to the bride!

R+J (4)


R+J (5)

That Dress!!

R+J (9)

One broken hanger, up and down a ladder several was done!

R+J (7)

A bride after my own heart…Toms are the bomb..Boom!!

R+J (12)

Her bridesmaids, three came in from Arizona, one came in from Virginia..couldn’t be surrounded by better ladies!

R+J (15)

Hi Ren.

R+J (18)

Final moments before seeing his bride!

R+J (20)

Into the dress she went…

R+J (22)

 “Y’all love Jesus?” “We love Jesus!” Had to have been there I guess. One of my favorite moments before the wedding.

R+J (49)

& my heart stopped and the tears flowed.


My Favorite!

R+J (30)

Their Love…SWOON!

R+J (27)

Remember that Hot Air Balloon…Cute little detail on the cake…psst. this cake was made by a senior in high school…RAD!!

R+J (33)

Grooms Cake!

R+J (32)


The white paint represented God, Navy represented Ren & Tiffany Blue represented Jessica!


First kiss as Mr & Mrs.

R+J (34)

First Dance!

R+J (38)

Father/daughter moment..gets me every time!


They danced to a Star Wars sound track, could they be any cooler??

R+J (42)

& off they went…

R+J (43)

R+J (54)


Hair ♦ Silverbox Secrets
Makeup ♦ Silverbox Secrets
Florist ♦ Betty Smith, Tubbs Flowers
Ceremony ♦ Brazos Springs Events
Venue ♦ Brazos Springs Events
Brides Cake ♦ Jacci Pinson
Grooms Cake ♦ Kari’s Custom Cake
Dress ♦ Mori Lee from
I do the dress I do boutique
Bridesmaids dresses ♦ David’s Bridal
Tuxedo Manufacturer ♦ Men’s Warehouse

their grooves
First dance • I Don’t Dance, Lee Brice
Father/daughter •
I Loved Her First, Heartland
Mother/Son •
Across the Stars from Star Wars, sound track

Jessica + Ren

Most memorable moment?
Jessica: Getting to talk just the two of us during our first dance.

Any advice for future bride & grooms?
No matter how much planning, the day is going to feel a little like a roller coaster. Let go of the small things and enjoy the bigger picture.

A funny?
Jessica: When we began our unity ceremony of pouring paints to blend on a canvas the officiant gave a beautiful introduction. Then on the count of three we started to pour the paints. After a few seconds of squeezing bottles and no paint, we quickly realized no one had cut the tops off the bottles. Small details are easy to miss in the chaos of planning! 

Disney world parks, Orlando Florida

Marissa Simon


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