Blake & Lauren 

I went up to Colorado with the intent to carry out some homework given to me by a mentor. It was simply to get beautiful people in front of my camera, practice and learn. I remembered Lauren from a while back, I remember her eyes, plus to be that kind of beautiful, it’s hard to forget a face like hers. At the time I can remember wanting to ask if she would ever want to model for a fun shoot, but I was too scared to ask. So maybe a year if not more, it happened. Not only her, but her more than willing husband joined!  

Married couples are my favorite, especially parents. I get to whisk them away from life that can at times seem so busy, always on the go and very little to no time to really have that time with the one that you embarked on such a beautiful journey with. It allows me to capture their cute flirtatious interactions, their sweet embraces and that sweet love that brings out the soft spoken whispers amongst one another. It is during those moments that I wish to capture and hold it in time just so that they can see what I see. It is here that I know and have witnessed all forms of love that makes people and their relationships unique unlike any other relationship and it is there that not one way to love is better than another, but just magically beautiful. This is my favorite. Blake and Lauren, your love for one another is inspiring. Your story is beautiful.  

                  Those eyes..wowzers!


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